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look at the note josh wrote me today...

"elle, you are the most beautiful person i have ever layed my eyes upon. when i am with you i feel so complete. you are the greatest. i love the way you make me feel when i am with you, a sence of utter joy shoots through my body and leaves me feeling all tingly inside. when ever i get the chance to hold you i never want to let go, when your body is next to mine and i look into your eyes and hear those words i love you i cant help but cry a little. it is so great that we can actually say those words and not have a doubt in our minds that we truly do mean them. all i ever think about is you, god i fall asleep to the thought of you, i wake up that next morning thinking of you, then all through the day all i do is think in anticipation about seeing you. your the reason for me to get up and deal with the world. i love you. joshua"

i could've bust out in tears! ::sigh:: sooo happy!!!!
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