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well i just aced that test...

im free from school! and i just aced my nutrition and drugs final. there was one true false i had to guess on, and there was a question where u had to list 4 things and i guessed the fourth one, everything else was right though. i walked outta my car to take the test at 9:25, i got back to my car at 9:38, thats how easy it was.

i only work two days this week, so i'll prolly just go in monday night to stock so i can get a few more hours, cuz i'll only be getting 18, and i wanna get at least 20. i would go in tonight to stock too but im cramping and i have plans w/ josh.

we are gonna go to the university mall and im gonna help him pick something out for chrissy, and he has to get erica and spencer there pressis, and his dad too. i need to get a hold of everyone so i can give them their stuff. im having the hardest time w/ sonia and tabby though, well i got tabby on the phone but she is working or in school all the time, and sonia i cant even get to. i still have jess erica and frans pressents too, but i see jess and erica at work and fran lives like 10 houses down so that will be easy.

well ne ways i've got cleaning to do now that im free and have no other worries, i gotta catch up on the mess i made while i was busy. bye.
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