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alltel is gay

well not the service, but the people who work in that store in the food court, they fucked me over soo bad, thankfully i got everything fixed, but im still very pissed off at them.

did i meantion that josh is being a vegitarian till monday? i fed him some morning star buffalo wings and he decided to do that, and might do it longer than a week. we went to tias for lunch and he ordered all his normal food meatless, it was so funny because he was sounding like me and being all like make sure theres none in it at all, and i always do that b/c im intolerent for it now and i get sick if i eat it.

i got no hours this week, but then again it was a good thing b/c i have lots of homework. i keep going on hcc's web site to try to register for a fourth class, since people drop and stuff i keep looking to see if any of the ones i want/need are open, but of course they never are, that or they are at dale mabry.

ryan is going to be at work tomorrow, that is so cool, i miss ryan, josh says that tomorrow prolly wont suck as much with him there, aww how sweet.

so ne ways, me and josh are off friday so we are gonna stay home and watch the third lord of the rings (not my idea) and then eat some of my yummy tex mex pizza and play pool

i've been on a cooking spree this week, i made my own salsa on monday which everyone but me liked, too many onions for me, then yesterday i made tex mex pizza, and today i made jalepino rigatoni, my mouth is still burning a lil bit. but ne ways i just felt the need to update this thing, maybe post some pics in the mid of next month when i get the pics from my last shoot. byes.
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