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although im still wanting the mitsubishi lancer daddy made me go to the library and go through consumer report mags and look at all the four doors in there. so it is now open to a mitsubishi lancer still, a saturn ion, a toyota carolla, a nissan sentra, or a mazda 3. if anyone has any experience or knows a friend that had/has one of these cars stories/suggestions are welcome. as for gas mileage, the lancer was 18-22, the saturn was 22, the corolla was 28, the sentra was 24, and the mazda was 27. i will prolly test drive these other cars tomorrow or tuesday or maybe even today, i dunno, i want dad to be with me to compare the car prices and the warrenties and the insurance and the interest, and he is always busy. i am using my grandmas car for now cuz she is in boston till the 4th, so erica i dont need a ride from school monday, but thanks for planning on doing it.

well ne ways im really thirsty and kinda have a headache so im out.
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