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of course its what i didnt say but i knew the words to make you stay...

so yesterday i got my hair done, then josh and alex came over and we went out to ybor to go to the show. it was a pretty good show, i think the sound people at masquerade need to get fired though. the first band was interesting, they themselves were kinda weird, b/c they were really old guys and dressed like loosers from the 80's, but damn could they solo on the guitar and on the drums. then underoath came out, and they kicked ass, and coheed could've kicked ass but the lead singers mic was on way too loud so it was killing our ears when he sang, and he was one of those ppl that let the audience sing more than he did, so that was kinda gay.

im still pretty tired, the boys are going to the killers show in four days too. i wanna go to the show w/ fftl, boys night out, and emery, but i'd prolly have to go by myself and i really dont wanna go out to the state theatre by my lonesome.

ne ways i dont think im doing anything today except for working, fun stuff. byes.
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