L to the E (spiderchick) wrote,
L to the E

who wants to go?

sun-oct16th-saosin, avenge 7 fold @ janus landing

tues-oce18th-boys night out, fall out boy, motion city soundtrack, starting line @ hard rock live

wed-oct19th - mxpx, rufio @ janus landing

sat-oct22nd - could see saosin at hobs instead...

fri-oct28th (my 21st b-day btw) - coheed, blood brothers, dredge @ janus landing

sat - nov5th - from autumn to ashes, boy sets fire @ hobs

sat - nov12th - thrice, underoath, the bled @hobs (i'll go by my damn self to this one if i have to)

tues - nov15th- mae @ state theatre
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