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i <3 erica

she left me the cutest myspace comment!

i fell asleep in moms bed till 10 when josh came in and woke me up saying bye cuz he was going to work. so i got ready for work b/c i decided i'd go in do what film was there then leave.

i had some green tea and grilled cheese w/ tomato soup. then i ran by jess's to get the money back that i lent her, then i get to work and josh is about to go on break, so i ask him to get me a french vanilla cappichino, b/c cappichino/tea for me is like saltine crackers to other people when sick. so he comes back w/ regular coffee, but this guy anthony said he'd drink it, sp josh went back out and he almost got a cup full of creamer lol. but its hard to find stuff you never buy i guess. but it was cute.

i have to bring his dad to the airport later, which sux cuz i need to go to best buy and we were gonna see a movie today, but we will see it tomorrow. we are gonna see the village, josh wanted to see whitecastle but i reminded him that we are supposed to see that w/ alex. then this weekend alien vs preditor comes out.

well i am gonna try to catch a nap or something till its time to go. byes.
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