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woot im 20!

this last week of 19 has been fun. jess and chrissy came by a few nights ago and we took some funny pics and jess gave me her pressis early. she got me pretty floating spider candles and this other black and white spider candle that i had one of already but its ok, never too many spiders in my room.

josh took me to shirleys yesterday to let me pick out some of my own stuff. i got this really pretty wood box w/ pentilces all over it, and a little goddess figurine. and i got cards from beth and my grandma which totaled to 50 bucks so yay gas money.

yesterday i had my second shot worthy migrane. josh went with mom and i to the hospital and we were there about an hour and a half, and i felt really bad b/c there is a normal waiting room and then theres a kid area and the nurse kicks out the kids so i can sit in there w/ the lights off, and one of the kids started crying (and all of this stuff was told to me by josh and mom, i had no idea of my surroundings at the time) and his dad told him to shut up that girl needs that room way more than you do. the poor kid. then they took me back to a dark room and i layed on a bed and they got me a blanket and i put myself under the blanket to get away from the noise and the guy was like um, how do i take her blood pressure. mom had to soothe me down, i kept almost hyperventalating. then when she came to give me my shot josh walks out of the room and shuts the door, and he said he could hear me yelling in the hallway! well i got my normall shot, which doesnt hurt until right when shes finishing injecting it, plus it hurt a bit more than last time b/c this lady did it higher up near my lower back rather than my buttcheek where all the fat is. then she says she wants to give me this other shot to make the first one work faster and take care of my nausea and make me sleep better. and she said it wont hurt as bad b/c its w/ an air gun. so she gives it to me and i screamed you liar that hurt worse than the first one.

so yea now im up at 6 in the morn b/c my back/butt are killing me. but it doesnt hurt nearly as bad as my head did. josh and mom pretty much had to carry me there. but im gonna start getting ready for the beach, i need to get a hold of chrissy, make sure shes up and see whats going on w/ our food today and make sure she doesnt need anything like a towel or whatever. byes.
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